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@ ductus gallery in Lucerne, Switzerland on 27 January 2023, 8pm

Sons du Soleil

Friday, 27/01/2023 at 8pm

An artistic and musical event in memory of well-known Jean-Paul Anderhub of Lucerne , who, among his prolific artistic activities, was the director at the Lucerne City Theater for a time.  This evening is also a homage to his last huge project, which saw its beginnings in the core idea of a solar eclipse and which he was not able to finish.


Image: SolarEclipse_CapturedBySpacecraftHinode6.1.11_NASA

Elbow Room Concert, Saturday 15 October, 2.30pm

St Stephen's Church, 360 Church St Richmond

Featuring works for: solo trumpet; flute and piano; solo flute; solo soprano; alto voice and ukulele; solo guitar; oboe, flute and cello; and electroacoustic works.

Composers: Paul Moulatlet, Colin McKellar, Johanna Selleck, Dindy Vaughan, Julian Cafarella, Gary Butler, Gary McKie, Alan Holley, Eve Duncan, Wendy Suiter, Silvia Simons, Haydn Reeder, and Christina Green.


Performers: Harriet Channon (trumpet), Anne Gilby (oboe), Lore Burns (cello), Amelia Jones (soprano), Johanna Selleck (flute), Christina Green (ukulele and voice), Gary Butler (guitar).

26 March 2022 @ 2pm - MCL Elbow Room Concert - St Stephen's Church, Richmond, Melbourne

An exhilarating variety of contemporary chamber & electroacoustic music 

17 July 2021 - Vox Novus New York - 15 Minutes of Fame - Concert - Livestream

15 compositions are premiered including A spell to dispel by Silvia Simons

The brief was to write a miniature for baritone Andrew White - no longer than one minute.  This makes for a unique challenge similar perhaps to the challenge for a poet to write a Haiku which tries to express something in a highly crystallized manner.

14:00 (2pm) New York time      20:00 (8pm) Central European time      04:00 (4am, 18 July) Melbourne time

Save the date! - 18 October 2020 @ 10pm - for a wacky audio experience on radio!

Ensemble Newly Formed (Silvia Simons, Peter Murphy, Rod Gregory, Peter Simondson) are interviewed by Ian Parsons on THE SOUND BARRIER.  You will also hear a selection of the ensemble's Zoom Improvisations done during strict lockdown in Melbourne - refusing to be beaten by the physical barrier and limitations of Zoom!

18 October 1pm (13:00) Central European time;  18 October 10pm Melbourne time

Ensemble Newly Formed - free improvisation on Zoom - 11 July 2020
MCL Elbow Room festival - acoustic & electroacoustic music - at St Stephen's Church Richmond, Melbourne on 17 May 2020

Concert festival postponed till further notice

A Total Lunar Eclipse in Sound

@ Galleria CONTACT artecontemporanea

Rome, Italy 21 - 29 November 2019

SuperBlueBloodMoon_TotalEclipse_31January2018 copy.png
"Your call is important to us!"...
Ensemble Newly Formed on 2 July 2018

In the line-up of Peter Murphy (poetry), PeterSimondson (Contrabass), Silvia Simons (voice, flute, objects), the ensemble is performing an impromptu satire based on Peter Murphy's sound poem "Your call is important to us..." at the artsy Bar Oussou.

The evenings entertainment commences at 7pm and consists of mainly poetry and performance poetry acts, described as "a feast of clashing waters".

Ensemble Newly Formed in the Antarctica on 28 May 2018

As part of the Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival, Ensemble Newly Formed performs an improvisation at The Brothers Public House.

Peter Murphy will transport you with his sound poem Antarctica, serving as a 'score' for the rest of the ensemble (Rod Gregory, Peter Simondson, Silvia Simons) to chill you with an icy soundscape!  The evening's entertainment comprises various acts and starts at 7.30 pm.   Free entry.

Pathways: New piano music from Australia & Japan in Melbourne on 13 & 15 April 2018

Internationally renowned virtuoso Michael Kieran Harvey. can be heard in these two riveting concerts, each of different repertoire, as follows:
PATHWAYS ONE will be held on Friday 13 April, 2018, 7.30 pm at the Church of All Nations, 180 Palmerston Street, Carlton.  It will feature music by Brendan Colbert, Michael Kieran Harvey, Tomoyuki Hisatome, Alan Holley, Akira Kobayashi, Paul Moulatlet, Haydn Reeder, Silvia Simons & Anthony Wilson.
PATHWAYS TWO will take place on Sunday 15 April, 2018, at 2 pm, at St Oswald's Church, 100 High Street, Glen Iris. The music will be by Eve Duncan, Houston Dunleavy, Peter Graham, Tomoyuki Hisatome, Akira Kobayashi, Andrián Pertout, Johanna Selleck and Antonio Tenace.

Fluxus and Beyond  28 March 2018 at 6pm

ENSEMBLE NEWLY FORMED (Peter Murphy, Peter Graham, Rod Gregory, Silvia Simons) has been invited to perform its 'Fluxus programme' - but never the same twice in the nature of improvisation - at The Melbourne City Library.  Please click here for full details, incl. other performers in this concert.

Silence in Sound Space
 - Federation Bells Melbourne 

City of Melbourne: Silvia Simons' spatial work Silence in SoundSpace for the installation of 39 Federation Bells can be heard in an evolving weekly schedule in the heart of Melbourne since 2016.  The Federation Bells are located in Birrarung Marr,  Melbourne City.

MCL Elbow Room Concert  18 March 2018 at 2 pm

ENSEMBLE NEWLY FORMED - Peter Murphy, Peter Graham, Rod Gregory, Silvia Simons - will challenge your notion of music. 

For this concert, the pieces have taken their impetus from the Fluxus Movement, which was considered 'anti-art' - which paradoxically is an art form in itself - tried to dismantle the bourgeois elitism in art and blur the boundaries between art and life.  It often involved humour as a means.  Members included artists such as George Maciunas, Yoko Ono, John Cage.  Even though often playful in their approach and mocking 'high art', they sought to change not only the history of art but the history of the world.For full details, please click here

Luthier's workshop in Cremona, Italy
MCL Elbow Room Concert

"The long-held tradition of the Melbourne Composers’ League’s Elbow Room concerts... provides an opportunity for composers to present their newest works and [is] known for [its] broad array of experimental as well as more traditional music."

Ensemble Newly Formed - comprising of Peter Murphy, Peter Graham, Melvyn Cann, Rod Gregory and Silvia Simons - is performing an experimental improvisation based on Peter Murphy's sound poem In the Middle of Nowhere as part of this concert.  For full details, please click here.

Citizens Circus 
in Melbourne on 18 April 2017 at 7.30 pm

Includes a daring performance by a newly formed experimental improvisation ensemble with sound poet Peter Murphy & composers/musicians Peter Graham, Melvyn Cann, Rod Gregory and Silvia Simons.

Click here for full details

citizens circus, silvia simons

By unknown photographer

subterranean sonorities new chamber music from australia and japan
Subterranean Sonorities
New Chamber Music from Australia & Japan

The concert will be held on 26 November 2016 at 3pm in Melbourne.

It includes the world premiere of Dreaming in the 21st Century by Silvia Simons, written for Bass /Alto flutes & Didjeridu, featuring Peter Sheridan on flutes & Namatjira Morgan on didjeridu.  For full information, please click here.

The Impression of Studio-1  -2010, by Luping Zeng

Poème d'espace - Uraufführung

The complete sound art work Poème d’espace of 20:25 minutes duration, created by composer and sound artist Silvia Simons for Leibniz Harmonien 2016  was premiered on 21 May 2016 in a radio broadcast by hr2 kultur (Hessischer Rundfunk) on ‘Artist’s Corner’.  

The work won 1st prize ex aequo in the category ‘Radiophone Komposition / Klangkunst’ of the international competition.

The prize winning works of this category - or esp. modified, shortened versions thereof - will feature in following concert on 19 August 2016 at 10.30 pm in Hannover, Germany:

Leibniz' Harmonien - in the concert series Leibniz Under Ground held from 18 - 21 August 2016.

For complete information, please go to:

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